Love at first sight…More like infatuation

Love at first sight? Is there something like that really? I would call it infatuation. I do believe that you can be infatuated by someone by the first look, by the first smile and word leaving their lips. You definetely are sure “Yeah, that’s the one person.”. And then your world turns upside down. You want to spend every minute with them. Even when you are talking…It’s like you’ve known this person forever.

And like that months or even years can past without understanding when exactly happened.

You are so comfartable with that one person like how would you not fall in love with her? It’s impossible. All the time spent , all the words spoken , all the tears and smiles and laughter…and all the memories you have together. And that’s it. You are head over heels.

You do understand that actually and it hurts because : “Friendship can be an excuse: a cover when there’s something more you don’t want to admit or you’re too scared to explore.

Does it hurt a lot? Hell yeah, it does. You so can’t sleep. You will probably start writing a diary. After all we all know that our diaries are full of romanticism. The worst part is that you can’t desire for not thinking about them. It hurts but you still do it. You are hurting yourself…But why? Why don’t you just shout it out? Say it. Say it out loud even if it’s wrong. These are your feelings and we are all human. We deserve to know when we  are loved. Scary? Yeah. Will it ruin your friendship? No. If it’s real then definetely no.

…,you say it, and you say it loud and you go from there.“.

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